Anger: A motivation to action or lack of emotional intelligence

Back when I was attending theater school in 9th grade, a teacher of stage movement class said: “We all have purity and nastiness inside us”. That is true. Simply because people experience positive and negative emotions throughout life. Which one will be primary is an individual choice.

Positive emotions lead to positive actions. Negative emotions have double power to lead to either negative or positive actions. Remember going through a dark period in your life? It could be bullying at school, parental abuse or any other circumstance that mentally or psychologically harmed you. Did it affect your life’s ambitions or, on the contrary, motivate you to work harder?

These two options are the only outcomes. And here’s the truth: nothing stronger than mental or physical adversity pushes a person forward. The difference is whether one has this inner strength to stand up; or rather takes it all to heart and becomes isolated.

In all types of professional sports, dancing, and even the armed forces, trainers and mentors scream and yell to create a positive drive and trigger stimulation. What they’re actually doing is waking up that beast to win. Stand up comedians and world-class artists as well tend to create their best pieces when they’re in their emotions.

Even on a regular basis, people don’t smile during study or work. They have to be highly focused for the first 20+ years, then go to interviews, get a job, have their life together with a serious face otherwise they’re considered light-minded and can’t be trusted with important tasks.

We get so used to being judged and punished for having “too much” or “too often” fun, that we associate study and work with something difficult and annoying. People who are privileged and tend to be provided with basic needs almost never take serious actions,and develop no sense of urgency to hurry up and become.

If you get angry easily and find it challenging to calm down, you might consider it as something to work on. If you let your rage through a productive avenue, nothing’s wrong with that. Just make sure it’s not at the expense of others or your surroundings.

On the other hand, it may look like people need something to latch on to in order to stay busy and sane. Most of us tend to become a slave to an activity because we simply can’t handle stuff by our own. For instance, it can be an action starting from smoking, ending with creating art.

We can’t just simply “be”. Society will judge us. So we choose to find a way to justify why we’re okay with bad habits or working out harder due to a broken heart or trauma, or get attached to emotional shopping,eating junk food, etc.

Generally, each of these processes are healthy for your brain and body only if you’re in the moment and are fully conscious and aware of why you’re doing this. As soon as you make it a routine and an option to escape reality, we’re unstoppable and crave higher doses to feel “better”.

In case something doesn’t work for you as a distraction any longer, you seek a new activity which is a direct indicator of existing with little to no awareness.

Here’s the take home message:
There’s no real life-long happiness. No Instagram success. No secrets, mystery, or magic.

All these definitions are supposed to create illusion and confusion. The “secret” is to simply “be”, do, and live. Use the potential you are gifted and stay human.

Today is all you have.



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